POWERSUIT Team Order (10 suits)

POWERSUIT Team Order (10 suits)

$ 1,890.00

The Powerhandz Powersuit is The Next Generation in Advanced Sports and Fitness Training. This Patented Suit is made with unique fabric that has 1.25 LBS WOVEN directly into the material on each side of the chest, each side of the Upper Back...over each Shoulder Blade, and 2.5 LBS wrapped around each thigh. ​

Because of the weight distribution even standing still, you are developing core strength and giving your small stabilizing muscles a work out as your body has to work harder just to maintain upright healthy posture. ​

By performing normal activities and work outs at full speed in the suit, your every movement is becoming more powerful and explosive as you force your muscles to fire as if the added weight wasn’t there developing muscle memory which will greatly enhance your athletic performance once the suit is removed.

PRE-ORDER- Expected ship date is early September

Included in this set:

  • 10 POWERHANDZ Powersuits