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POWERHANDZ Baseball Hall of Fame 4-in-1 Gift Set Bundle

POWERHANDZ Baseball Hall of Fame 4-in-1 Gift Set Bundle

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POWERHANDZ 4-Piece gift set for Strength, Resistance, Bat Speed, and Performance. 

Are you seeking a complete training package to enhance your baseball/softball skills?

The POWERHANDZ Hall of Fame 4-Piece gift set for Strength, Resistance, Bat Speed, and Performance is your ultimate solution.

This training bundle comprises Weighted Pure Grip Baseball Gloves, a Weighted POWERSUIT, a Limited Edition POWERHANDZ Wrist Band, and a Limited Edition POWERHANDZ Backpack.

Let's explore how these components can take your training to the next level.

Weighted Pure Grip Baseball Gloves: Boost Your Grip and Bat Speed

The POWERHANDZ Pure Grip Weighted Training Gloves strengthen your fingers, hands, and wrists, allowing you to grip the bat firmly and hit harder.

These gloves have weight distributed across the top side of the gloves, adding resistance and forcing your muscles to work harder.

The grip material on the palm provides traction, enhancing your grip and bat control. With these gloves, you can train longer, stronger, and better.

Weighted POWERSUIT: Enhance Your Strength and Endurance

The POWERSUIT is a patented weighted suit that can help you increase your strength and endurance during any fitness training.

This neoprene suit is designed with six flexible rubber weights woven directly into the fabric, ranging from 1.25 lbs on the upper body to 2.5 lbs on each thigh.

The suit is non-removable, ensuring the weights stay in place during your workout.

The POWERSUIT provides resistance to your muscles, increasing the intensity of your training, and helps burn more calories in less time.

It is perfect for any athlete looking to boost their performance.

Limited Edition POWERHANDZ Wrist Band: Stay Motivated During Your Workout

The Limited Edition POWERHANDZ Wrist Band is designed to keep you motivated and inspired during your workout.

This wristband is made with a soft and comfortable material that can absorb sweat, keeping your hands dry and comfortable.

The wristband features the POWERHANDZ logo, reminding you of your goals and inspiring you to keep going. It is an essential accessory for any athlete who wants to stay focused and motivated.

Limited Edition POWERHANDZ Backpack: Carry Your Gear in Style

The Limited Edition POWERHANDZ Backpack is designed to carry all your workout and training gear in style.

This backpack features a sleek design, ample storage space, and comfortable straps for easy carrying.

The backpack is made with durable materials, ensuring it can withstand wear and tear. With this backpack, you can carry your training gear with ease and in style.

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