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POWERFIT Weighted Training Gloves

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For Strength and Resistance Training

POWERHANDZ POWERFIT Training Gloves are fingerless and have weight strategically distributed across the top side of the gloves, along with a grip material on the palm that is reinforced with foam gel padding. These gloves are suitable for any type of fitness training: weight-lifting, cross-training, cycling, and general workouts. The weight resistance on the gloves improves strength, while the foam gel provides protection from calluses and blisters.  

  • Suitable for weight-lifting, weighted training, cross-training, power-lifting, pull-ups & general workouts, bodybuilding, cycling, etc.
  • Foam Gel provides protection from calluses and blisters
  • Weight resistance on the gloves improves strength in the hand and arm muscles
  • Four-way nylon stretch fabric provides durability and flexibility during movement
  • Please reference the size chart image to help decide what size best fits your needs